Monday, 26 May 2014

Videochat Cubecakes: Skype and Oovoo

As previously mentioned here, I tried Skype in 2012 and Oovoo later on in the same year. I heard of Oovoo from my sisters when we talked about Skype alternatives and then continued using both with some friends, (and enjoying the echo effect too)

Skype sorta has this clear white interface while Oovoo stays classy black. An additional note is, although both apps allow group video conference, Oovoo allows up to 12 participants, more than Skype (although I've never tried group chats before).

On a personal note, with friends like Likaura & Myoo89, we always wind up having crazy-ass conversations. Of course, this is a video chat app so sometimes they're not compatible with bad internet connection.

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