Friday, 14 September 2012


*sigh* I'm such a copycat and this is embarrassing.
Ever since I found out about Soup. EVER. SINCE. I'm actually pretending that never happened and still treats Soup like any other tumblelogs out there *coughNotComparingItToTumblrAndPosterousAnymorecough*
But you know when you're on a different website than most of your friends and you kept on virtually hanging out with them online through a third-party site (like Facebook for example), and the two different sites happen to be each other's alternatives, you just get that knack for not just comparing the two sites together, but experimenting if a function on one site can be done in the other and vice versa. That's what I've been doing and so far I've tried changing CSS and putting the Disqus code in Soup (which doesn't work, since Soup doesnt allow users to edit their HTML unlike some blog sites).

I should include Posterous too but most of my friends are using Tumblr & they have no idea what a Posterous is...

Cameos: Ceruleanreaper, Purplecyanide, Twixet (1st panel) & Myoo89 (3rd panel)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Facebook, Skype, Tumblr and Soup

This is what Myoo89 and I are currently doing... y'know, since we live in different places & all.

We're working on a collaboration project currently and need to send Photoshop/SAI files back and forth, and since Facebook can't handle large files, we used Skype. At the same time when we're on FB we randomly show each other links from Tumblr & Soup (cuz I don't have Tumblr & she doesn't have Soup) via Facebook and Skype.

So I figured this is how all that is depicted; Facebook and Skype cubecakes topped with Tumblr & Soup sauces.

And the conversations on Skype were crazy as dope. Here's an example.