Monday, 23 July 2012

Bookmarking Cubecakes ptII

Now I'm not the only one who tend to go a bit douchebag-braggy whenever trying a less popular alternative website, but yeah, that was what I was thinking when joining Mixx. Aaaand it temporarily died. And became (which I still got to try sometime... cuz it seems interesting).

Currently using BeritaGue until now. It's the second site made for Indonesians that I'm on since Kronologger (a microblog), but that's another story.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bookmarking Cubecakes ptI

My history of using bookmarking websites.

My lecturer once said the class should have or Digg or any online bookmarking sites for Research Methodology & Dissertation. For some reason the top main choices are always those four (Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious). As usual I don't wanna use the obvious so I lazy-searched a bit & found all these other sites. I thought Mixx looked good so I made an account on it.

FYI, Diigo is pretty good too, and Mister Wong made me laugh cuz that was the name of one of our lecturers.


I recently made a Skype account.
And eventhough I don't like chatting, I sometimes go on it to goof off with friends.

Cameo: Myoo89

Everything Pinteresting and Pinspiring

This was a recent event... cuz everyone seems to be on Pinterest lately. It got even more pinteresting (i should really stop doing that) when I found the blatant copy, Pinspire. It seems that Pinspire is made to be global and that if people had a hard time going in Pinterest, since Pinterest is sometime unreachable, an alternative to turn to is Pinspire instead.

Before that I found out Minus has a setting that changes the layout pinboard-like, and I was gonna make Minus my alternaPinterest when this friend of mine asked me to join Pinspire with her. Then I realized Minus was different, it's more of an image-hosting site than a pinboard.

A few days later she did get to try Pinterest after all.

Cameos: Prinelence & ThisIsFreda

Death of

My friends are on Formspring a lot and as usual, when there's a popular website that is in, I try and find other alternatives for it and I found after 2 years (too late). was a pretty ok site, though not as slick-looking as Then one day, Chacha decided to close down their .me site.

Then, after sometime later, THIS happened:

I finally had the balls to try after my birthday for some reason. It IS quite similar to Formspring, making it the closest alternative anyone can think of.

Prendstah, Multiply, Friendster

This was the time me & PurpleCyanide dicked around in Prendstah and talking about how it's actually a combination of Friendster & Facebook. Since we're both on Multiply & Cyanide has a Friendster before, I was kinda curious how Friendster actually is... until Ceruleanreaper offered me to use hers. It was unused so I explored & did whatever I want with it.. until it got a facelift & the account was gone.

I wasn't much of a Myspace or Friendster person back when they were in... I went on Multiply instead.

Cameos: PurpleCyanide & Ceruleanreaper

It all started...

One day IliCarrieDoll showed Myoo89 & me this random site starring finger photos. Since Myoo has Tumblr and I have Soup, we definitely reblogged/reposted those photos and I made the comic with us holding the websites like sheets of cardboard. And chose to color like this, different from how I color my other comics.

Then I thought of making comics with websites. But of course the websites in the comics won't appear like cardboard sheets, so another idea is to simplify their appearance as cube-shaped cakes.
Still keeping the color scheme though.