Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Now that I've got Tumblr (since October 2013) this is what I basically do (but Soup is still my first love).
Previously I made comics about adjusting & balancing these two tumblelogs [X] and even some personified Tumbloup ones [X][X] but none of them are cubecake'd so I made the cubecake version now. It's never too late.

Funny thing is I'm not even addicted to these tumblelogs anymore. Sure I check them once in a while but, in cubecake consumption terms, I only take small doses & maybe cut little pieces of them, and eat a heap of Soup & a heap of Tumblr all at once.

P.s. new haircut yo~ and just to clarify, my hair has always been naturally black. I was just too lazy to shade them in the previous comics.

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