Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Microblog Cubecakes pt3: Plerb

It's always the same story, I see an alternative website to this and that, I wanted to try it eventhough I've already got a lot of accounts here and there already. But it's not that bad since I basically know how much is "too much" and I don't like wasting. Still though, I fancy myself as a bit of a 'website alternatives reviewer' so I read online lists of web alternatives and finding ones that I can try at the time.

Like Plerb for instance. Qaiku was going downhill that time (file/img attachment, video embedding and rss feed not working) and i dont know why i was so god bored, i decided to make a random roleplaying account for Cangkir as an excuse to try out Plerb. Which resulted in Likaura joining me, making roleplay accounts for her OCs from The Miraculous Guts.
[In order of appearance: Eri, Blade, Mike, Scott & Lee]

And of course, there's Envy Cake (although how I remember it the story didnt go that way, Envy Cake was unsure with getting a Plerb account since it already has Facebook but Cangkir pushed it into getting one). The downside of Plerb is that it has no RSS feed and some updates get washed away into who-knows-where in time, but the upside is that it's clean and simple and reminds me of the old Twitter, which is ok for roleplaying. Then again that does explain the fake so-called celebrity accounts posing as celebs there, which is also a downside.