Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Microblog Cubecakes pt2: Jaiku & Qaiku

Adocu's server (I think) was pretty unstable that time so it went offline. I realized  that since I have a lot of followers on Twitter, I need some space to put all my personal ramblings without offending any of my followers. Since my ramblings are short & randomly comes out at weird times, it has to be another microblog. And that's when Jaiku came in.

Well, actually I was torn between Jaiku and I mean for one thing, Identica lets you update Facebook statuses, while Jaiku used to be able to do that, but not anymore (it probably lost its features ever since Google acquired it, idk). But still, what made me chose Jaiku first was those adorable icons. And the fresh green theme.

And Adocu came back. Since then, those three became my main sites to vent & shout random stuff. Moreover I can import my Twitter & Jaiku feeds into Soup and use the RSS import for Adocu (eventhough I still cant update Facebook with Jaiku)

I would still like to try Identica sometime in the future. Cuz this was what happened. It upgraded and I can't see the theme/look customization options anymore.
Well, has themes, but I still have no clue on how to install them.

A year later, Jaiku announced that it was closing down. I'd pick Identica if it was still in its old layout (not saying the newer one sucks, no, it's all just web evolution) but then I stumbled into something. Qaiku. It rhymes with Jaiku so I assumed it was an obvious clone of Jaiku. I decided to read articles & reviews about its background before finally deciding to make a Qaiku account... a bit early.

Jaiku finally died. I'll miss it cuz Qaiku just isn't the same (although it has more useful features... but still no cute icons)

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