Sunday, 17 February 2013

Microblog Cubecakes pt1: Kronologger & Adocu

Well, you all know the story of how I got a Twitter account... And thus I shall tell you the tale of when I got bored of Twitter and wanted to try the auras of other new sites. Now I've already known there were a lot of Twitter alternatives, THOUSANDS of them. But it only came around to me that I wanted to try some of them. First, there's Kronologger.

Lol the cameo in here is one of my good friends... and the first boy cameo to appear on Webcubecakes wheeee~

Kronologger might be the same age as Twitter (or younger or older, I'm not sure) but it doesnt look as pretty. I thought I'd give it a try, still, seeing that what makes me want to try is that it allows us to connect to Facebook and update our status without logging in Fb. Since our university internet blocks access to popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter & Youtube, it doesn't recognize Kronologger much. Now there's an advantage of using less popular sites.

Since Kronologger is Indonesian, I wrote most of my updates in Indonesian & was planning to keep my English updates in Twitter and my Indonesian ones in Kronologger. But it died shortly, like a month after I used it, so once again, my Twitter updates are in mixed languages.
It also has different themes and I tried a few themes. Some parodied existing sites like the Digg theme, the Google theme and the Old School Tumblr theme.

I had a good time with Kronologger... until it died one month later.

And I decided to move on to Adocu. Not only cuz it looks simple and clean, it's a nanoblogging site and that was new to me that time (I still don't know any nanoblogging sites that only allow us to update with one word besides Adocu. There's Hycku though, but it uses only 7 words, not 1)

It was really fun using Adocu (and seeing the long-ass words in our updates) but it gets boring after a while, as there's not much customizations to be done. But occasionally it gives me a fresh breath of a different kind of status updates.

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