Saturday, 14 July 2012

Everything Pinteresting and Pinspiring

This was a recent event... cuz everyone seems to be on Pinterest lately. It got even more pinteresting (i should really stop doing that) when I found the blatant copy, Pinspire. It seems that Pinspire is made to be global and that if people had a hard time going in Pinterest, since Pinterest is sometime unreachable, an alternative to turn to is Pinspire instead.

Before that I found out Minus has a setting that changes the layout pinboard-like, and I was gonna make Minus my alternaPinterest when this friend of mine asked me to join Pinspire with her. Then I realized Minus was different, it's more of an image-hosting site than a pinboard.

A few days later she did get to try Pinterest after all.

Cameos: Prinelence & ThisIsFreda

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