Monday, 2 September 2013

Microblog Cubecakes pt4: Bentio, Heello & Moodler

Same old story. Qaiku unexpectedly (and not surprisingly) followed Jaiku's steps. It finally shut down after Jaiku after precisely an 8-month gap. Bad news? It didn't back up all the users' updates unlike Jaiku did. Thus, no "spices"

I moved to Bentio cuz it reminds me of the old Identica. Shortly after, Likaura (Amelstrange) joined in with me.

Long story short, Bentio began to malfunction. And after a few months, it eventually died.
Another few months later Adocu underwent hiatus because something happened to the server, but that's another story.

And we decided to move to Heello, cuz it seems reliable. Hey, its founder is also the same dude who founded Twitpic. And just this year Heello underwent a major upgrade to remove all spam & fake accounts and had a redesign too, which I totally like.

Turns out, Heello is quite popular too (only if you follow certain followers that like echoing - the equivalent of retweeting - status updates from strangers) and, like Plerb, Heello is full of fake celebrities as well. Looks like the big troll-account-massacre hasn't wiped these off yet.

Despite all that, I still miss Jaiku and all its icons. I tried looking for similar microblogs with it and found two, I Rate My Day and Moodler. I thought I'd gave Moodler a try.

Alright well I guess the icons kinda do look like they belong together in a set, with a theme... a little.
Unfortunately Moodler's currently unavailable right now I don't know whether it's dead or just under maintenance.

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