Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bookmarking Cubecakes ptIII

What can I say, Beritague is a Pligg site. Haha that doesnt even mean anything, but still, all websites undergo maintenance once in a while, it's just that I was afraid it'd end up like Mixx cuz when I tried signing up Beritague last time an error occured. Thankfully it's going smooth until now. EasyBM isnt that bad as well, for one thing it doesnt work like Digg clones, they organize bookmarks into different categories. And sometimes I use BeritaGue & EasyBM at the same time.

And I've recently got a Reddit account too, but how the story really goes is I did a guest comic for Cutting Room Comic, and they put the link on Reddit & I thought I'd join in voting. So now I use both BeritaGue & Reddit for voting & most of my bookmarks go to EasyBM.

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